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Market stall holders love the flexibility of wireless EFTPOS. For weekend trading just about anywhere, they can convert their shop pinpad to wireless transactions using the Axon G2210. Call for a demo today - (07) 3503 6886.
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As well as being an EFTPOS dial to GPRS converter, the Axon G2210 is also a feature-rich GPRS router suitable for machine-to-machine and machine-to-PC applications over public GPRS wireless networks. It supports Ethernet or PPPoE connection to terminal equipment including LANs and PCs, and can route traffic over GPRS to anywhere in the world connected to the Internet or your private IP network.

This router is great for terminal access to network equipment or for low speed web browsing and database access.

Product features include:

  • Port forwardingImage
  • IP tables rules
  • IP Firewall
  • DC power option - 10 to 30 VDC at 5 Watts
  • DHCP Server
  • Statistics and fault diagnostics
  • Network address translation
  • SNMP mangeable
  • Web browser config tool from Ethernet port or via GPRS
  • SSL or IPSEC encryption
  • Config changes and router reboot via SMS from trusted handset

Call or e-mail for pricing. For the brochure, click here.

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